The Last of the Disney Star Wars Trilogy Takes

Disney Star Wars Before the final installment of the disappointing Disney Star Wars Trilogy premieres, I’d like to propose some small changes that could’ve perhaps made the series better. The series kicked off with The Force Awakens – a film full of eye rolling maguffins and repurposing of old plot points, which was followed up with the completely tone deaf, narratively unsatisfying, divisive, almost spiteful The Last Jedi. The whole series would’ve been better served keeping it simple.

The first and the biggest change is with the treatment of Luke. I don’t think Luke should have been in self-imposed exile. That’s ridiculous. I want Luke to have been imprisoned by Snoke. Snoke learned of the massive potential power of young Kylo who was under the tutelage of Luke. He discovered the location of their training temple, and he fought Luke for the fate of Kylo. Luke lost through some trickery and Snoke imprisoned him saying that he’d eventually break him too and succeed where the Emperor could not and took Kylo.

Luke is thought dead by the rest of the galaxy. But after our introduction to Rey and some adventures with our new cast members. The new film should end with Rey having seen that Luke is imprisoned in the vision she has when touching the lightsaber in Maz Kanata’s place. And the resistence needs to find Luke in the face of the immense threat of Kylo Ren.

The second film should’ve been The Search for Luke. Rey, Han, Chewie, and R2 using Rey’s vision as a starting place go on a quest to find and rescue Luke, while Leia, C3P0, Finn, and Poe do their best to hold their ground against the First Order.

It ends with the locating of Luke, Luke informing Rey that she is his daughter and Han’s niece. Kylo arrives however and Luke is surprised by his power and knows he can’t fight him alone. He needs to train Rey more. Han tries to step in as Kylo’s father and Kylo cuts him down. End on a sad note.

The final film begins with the training of Rey and ends with the a final, hour long epic space battle between the Resistance and the First Order. The First Order has the power of Sith’s Snoke and Kylo and superior weaponry, but The Resistance has called in every rebel from every corner of the galaxy and has the power of Jedi Luke, Rey, and Leia.

I don’t think Force Awakens should have had a StarKiller Base or anything like that. Spherical planet killing weapons should have been retired after Return of the Jedi. This is most apparent when you marathon all of the Skywalker saga and Story films. Out of ten films, a Death Star or imitation appears in  5 of them. It is mentioned in two more. And trailers have revealed it to be yet again appearing in the next film.

Kylo and the Knights of Ren should have been plenty evil for the new series. Kylo should’ve be extremely powerful, yet weak minded. Snoke should be almost afraid of him, aware of his enormous power, but assured in his own ability to manipulate him.

Rey should be powerful in her own right, but needing to be trained. Ultimately, she should defeat Kylo with not only power and skills acquired but also cleverness. Also because Kylo is alone and Rey has friends/family. That kind thing.

With the Mandalorian and Jon Favreau and company taking the reigns of Star Wars, I have hope. Unfortunately, it’s too late for the Skywalker saga.


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