Right or Wrong? Revisiting Endgame Predictions

We gave it our best shot. After analyzing trailers, zooming in on set photos and reading fan theories, the Screen Fix crew gave our crazy, stupid early Avengers: Endgame predictions.


The first question we tried to answer is “What is going to happen to Tony Stark?” and JC came pretty close!

I think a few things are going to save Tony Stark … potentially he’s saved by Captain Marvel, but that’s too obvious. Or, maybe he’s saved by Pepper Potts in the Rescue suit? Or … he dies, but the other Avengers end up saving him through time travel?” – JC

The obvious is obvious for a reason, Carol Danvers showed up in Space and dragged the Benatar, with Tony and Nebula on board, back down to Avengers HQ. I think we can give half credit for Pepper saving him in the Rescue suit, since we have to assume she helped play a role in the final Battle for Upstate. And yes, more half credit for correctly guessing that Tony will die. But sadly, there was no way to save our favorite billionaire, philanthropist, playboy from his fate.

We also tried to guess what was happening at Avengers HQ. Apparently Angela Bassett didn’t get the memo that Shuri got snapped and left us all confused. Endgame pretty clearly indicates that Shuri was a victim of Thanos, and then returned after Hulk’s snap – with the help of Strange portals – but as Kool-Aid said, she doesn’t seem ready to take up the mantle of Black Panther yet. And we still don’t have
#OkoyeforBlackPanther … but we can dream.

We also tried to guess what was going on with dejected Thor. We couldn’t have imagined our god of thunder would be so bloated and depressed, but we weren’t totally off!

“I think he’s going to pick himself up and leave Earth to find the surviving Asgardians (with Valkyrie, Korg and Miek) and get them a home and be their king.” – Lady-Wan

Our last predictions weren’t predictions at all, really, they were wishes. Did we get what we wanted from the finale of all finales?

“I want Captain America to get to go on that date with Peggy Carter. I will sob if he gets to have that dance with her.” – Lady-Wan

Check. There were tears, y’all. Lots of tears.

“I hope Thanos snaps his fingers again! No, just kidding. I want to see epic action sequences, like the ones in Winter Soldier. That was incredible fight choreography and I hope we get more of that.” – Kool-Aid

Technically Kool-Aid got his wish. Thanos snapped his fingers again (although he was stone-less at the time) and the fight choreography in the Battle for Upstate was pretty bonkers.

“I would like to see someone else use the Pym tech. Maybe Steve Rogers? I want to see Captain America ride an ant!” – JC

Sadly, JC did not get his wish. Captain America did not ride an ant, but he did wield Thor’s hammer, so another half credit?

Our Avengers: Endgame podcast episode is up now. Give it a listen to find out what we thought of the movie!


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