8 Best Movie Podcasts That Are Under The Radar

best movie podcasts

There are plenty of movie podcasts that casual movie lovers likely know – How Did This Get Made for example. But what about some great movie podcasts that don’t have the luxury of hosts that are comedians or actors with a built-in fanbase? Here we’ve compiled the eight best movie podcasts that are under-appreciated, under-the-radar, and worth your time.

In no particular order, here are the eight best movie podcasts that are under the radar:

Piecing It Together – The concept of this outstanding movie podcast is to “piece a movie together” by talking the films that the movie seems to be inspired by. Host David Rosen is one of the hardest working podcasters and podcast producers in the business. Plus, he has amazing hair.


Screen Fix – The movie podcast that dares to “fix” recent films and older flops alike – anything from Jurassic World to Howard the Duck. This interesting and constructive angle on a movie podcast is informative, imaginative, and often side-splittingly funny. All movies could use a little help. Right?


Spoilerpiece Theater – A trio of Boston’s best film critics give their movie opinions with the idea that if you don’t want spoilers why are you listening to movie podcasts? Suck it up, gotta be tough in Bean Town!


Movies My Friends Have Never Seen – Nick Nadel asks his industry friends to watch a classic movie they have never seen. A lively look back at the films of yesterday and their legacies in film and pop culture today.


Kolby Told Me – With so much content out there, Kolby will tell you what and what not to spend your time and money on. Get ready for his huge personality in a movie podcast that’ll have you in stitches. 


Crooked Table – Robert Yaniz Jr. hosts this movie podcast which is just a casual deep dive into any movie of the guests’ choosing. Earnest and good natured, Yaniz Jr. is one of the easiest hosts in the biz to like. 


The First Run – Chris and Matt are two close friends whose opinions are very far apart. This movie podcast is an informative potpourri of movie reviews, the latest DVD releases, and open film discussion.


Pop Cult Net – James Baker’s podcast is a smooth ride. Pop culture news and opinions with a soothing beat. Especially good for Anime lovers.


Let us know what you think of the list and let us know about more of the best movie podcasts that are under-the-radar to add to the list.

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