Crazy Stupid Early Predictions for Avengers: Endgame

Where were you when you saw the Avengers: Endgame trailer? Ok, that might be a little dramatic, but it’s the question we asked on Screen Fix since we’ve been waiting and wondering what would happen to our favorite heroes since Avengers: Infinity War (which we fixed previously on the pod – you can check out our fixes in Episode 22 starting at 31:00).

We broke the trailer down shot by shot and gave our crazy stupid early predictions for Avengers: Endgame.

What is going to happen to Tony Stark … ?

The Lady-Wan: He’s been up there alone for a while – he’s got to be Tony Stank by now! But he’s capable of so much – he built his first Iron Man suit in a cave! He’s on a spaceship, so if he’s truly giving up and sending his farewell message to Pepper Potts, he must have tried everything by now.

Kool-Aid: The first scene in the trailer, where Tony is talking to the Iron Man helmet reminded me of Castaway … that helmet is Wilson! But I predict Elon Musk will drive a Tesla into space – with Stan Lee riding shotgun – and rescue Tony. Ok, probably not, but maybe.

JC: I think a few things are going to save Tony Stark … potentially he’s saved by Captain Marvel, but that’s too obvious. Or, maybe he’s saved by Pepper Potts in the Rescue suit? Or … he dies, but the other Avengers end up saving him through time travel? Or the surviving Asgardians, plus Korg and Miek, save him … but really, I think this whole scene is fake. Since Marvel has a history of putting scenes in the trailer that doesn’t end up in the movie, it really could be a misdirect. Plus he’s wearing a different tank top than the one he was wearing when Thanos stabbed him in Infinity War.

What is going on at Avengers HQ?

JC: More misdirection! The Russo Brothers told us Shuri survived the snap, but yet she’s on the screen as unaccounted for, along with Scott Lang – although we know he was in the quantum realm when the snap happened. Is everyone else on Earth freaking out? Resources are more abundant, but is Kirk Cameron out there wondering what happened? The Russos told us Shuri is alive, so I think there’s a chance that either she – or M’baku – take up the Black Panther mantle with T’Challah being snapped away.

The Lady-Wan: I think news anchors are going to serve as exposition here. I don’t think the world will know that Thanos snapped his fingers, the Avengers tried and failed … and that’s what happened. People don’t understand what happened, so they’ll leave the cities. t’s not just half the number of people are around, but everyone left is going to be in a state of confusion, joining cults, getting in their bunkers. The world will be in chaos!

Kool-Aid: I hope Shuri comes back in Endgame, but I don’t think she’s ready to don the Panther suit just yet. Maybe Okoye can take over as Black Panther? #OkoyeforBlackPanther!

What’s up with Thor, Nebula and Hawkeye aka Ronin?

Lady-Wan: I think Nebula abandoned Tony in space. She probably got tired of Tony’s sadness and tank tops and left him. I think Thor will accept the Snappening as yet another terrible thing that has happened to him. He couldn’t save his dad, or his brother, or his hammer, or his home, or his people, and we all know he should have gone for the head … but it is what it is. I think he’s going to pick himself up and leave Earth to find the surviving Asgardians (with Valkyrie, Korg and Miek) and get them a home and be their king.

Kool-Aid: I’m excited to see Ronin. I think he’s a better character as Ronin than Hawkeye anyway. I feel like dejected Thor has had a rough go of it, but I’m hoping Loki comes back.

JC: I think these shots are all from reshoots and more misdirection! Nebula might be on the ship with Tony, but she probably leaves right away to try to kill Thanos. I doubt that the Ronin shot will even be in the movie.

What’s happening with Ant-Man?

Lady-Wan: I want part of this movie to involve a cross-country road trip with Scott and Luis in that van. Luis needs to tell the story of what happened to Scott, and then they can drive the quantum accelerator in the van over to Avengers HQ and help Steve and the team out.

Kool-Aid: I need them to level up and go to the quantum realm!

JC: In the post-credits scene during Ant-Man and the Wasp, Janet Van Dyne told Scott to stay away from time vortexes when he’s in the quantum realm. But, while he’s in there, the snap happens, so he could be trapped. I hope to get out of the quantum realm, he starts going through time vortexes! I want to see Ant-Man popping out of the quantum realm in dinosaur days, medieval times, way in the future (rumors say he’s in a scene with adult Cassie) … and finally pops out in one kind of near the time of the snap. Basically, I want Ant-Man’s excellent adventure. Party on, dudes!

We don’t know what’s going to happen … but what do we WANT to happen?

Lady-Wan: I want Captain America to get to go on that date with Peggy Carter. I will sob if he gets to have that dance with her. I’m getting emotional … quick, talk about something cool.

Kool-Aid: I hope Thanos snaps his fingers again! No, just kidding. I want to see epic action sequences, like the ones in Winter Soldier. That was incredible fight choreography and I hope we get more of that.

JC: I would like to see someone else use the Pym tech. Maybe Steve Rogers? I want to see Captain America ride an ant!

What are your crazy stupid early predictions? Leave them in the comments or tweet us @screenfixpod!

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